Evolution or Devolution?

Everyone, meet Graham. This somewhat familiar yet very alien man is the creation of Australian scientists, artists and safety advocates and he is the personification of all the attributes humans would need to survive being hit by a car. While at first one may laugh upon seeing his strange features, one then realizes that humans don’t look like this and we are not designed to survive a collision with a car.

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Making Life Easier for Cyclists

Check out this Tweet commending the new bike wayfinding signs going up around San Francisco. These clear, easy to follow routes will make cycling easier and safer. Lack of safe route information is one barrier to cycling that these signs will help to eliminate.

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Wiggling More Safely

Check out this article detailing the new bicycle “head start” signals that will give cyclists a few extra seconds to make their way through the intersection of Oak and Scott Streets. This will make the popular Wiggle route safer and hopefully save lives.

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Safety + Fun = Money!

Check out this 2010 campaign from Sweden that we think everyone will enjoy. In that country known as a pioneer for safe streets, they set up a speed camera that would ticket speeders as expected, but would enter anyone not speeding into a lottery. The winnings would be funded by the fines issued to speeders. As a result of the campaign, speeds were reduced by 22%.

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A Hope for the Future

Today we share a quote from the 2015 State of Vision Zero report. The quote comes from a trauma surgeon at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and is a good reminder that healthcare professionals can be powerful advocates for our movement. While we all hope that victims of traffic collisions survive, surgeons like Dr. Dicker are responsible for making it happen. People like her see firsthand how deadly traffic collisions are.

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The Vision Zero Family

Take a look at this article about the newest potential member of the Vision Zero movement: Boulder, Colorado. Another forward-thinking city that loves the outdoors, Boulder is a city many San Franciscans may think of as a kid sibling. We hope you are heartened and encouraged by seeing our movement spread into the Rockies.

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We Need to Catch Up

This week we will share an article that details a CDC report that compares reduction in crash fatality rates in 20 high-income countries between 2010 and 2013. Unfortunately, the report shows that the United States lags behind the rest of the high-income world in reducing crash deaths. Most shocking is to realize that, if the US had the crash rate of Sweden, 24,000 fewer lives would be lost each year. We hope this information makes us realize that a safer future is possible if we use all methods available to reduce fatalities on our streets.

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